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Cost-Saving Programs

Our members save money by working together.

For Vendors

WAICU works with our members to develop the best collaborative agreements for private, nonprofit higher education institutions. WAICU does not endorse products or services without appropriate due diligence. Once a service is established, WAICU staff remain involved to “trouble shoot,” facilitate continuous quality improvement, and, as appropriate, re-bid. Each of these services must have a “collaborative dimension”—i.e. it must be better in terms of cost and quality than an individual member could achieve on its own.

WAICU, as appropriate, utilizes a taskforce-driven due diligence process when creating the collaborative agreements for the WAICU member institutions. Under the leadership of WAICU staff, the WAICU member taskforce develops benchmarks for the “ideal” product or service, reviews proposals presented by vendors, provides feedback to WAICU staff on contract negotiations, and advises WAICU staff on rollout. WAICU agreements should benefit the largest possible number of the member institutions by increasing efficiency and streamlining costs related to operations and back-office functions. Participation is voluntary, with decisions made by the presidents of member colleges and universities.

Selection of vendors is based partially on the following principles:

  • Establishes a strong aggregate agreement that recognizes the strength and significance of independent higher education in Wisconsin.
  • Provides lower price and better delivery of goods or services than any one of our 23 member institutions can achieve on their own.
  • Eliminates duplication of efforts by streamlining processes.
  • Recognizes the on-going role of WAICU staff in managing the service, trouble shooting, assuring continuous quality improvements, and rebidding as necessary.

If you would like to propose a program to WAICU, please send an email to