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Wisconsin’s Early College Credit Program

High school students at public and private high schools in Wisconsin can earn college credit through the Early College Credit Program (ECCP). A student selected for the program may be permitted to enroll in a private, nonprofit institution of higher education (IHE) or a UW System institution to take one or more courses for which the student may earn high school credit, post-secondary credit, or both. Under ECCP, the costs of the courses are shared among the IHE, the school district or private school, the state, and in some cases the student’s family. More information may be found on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s website.

How to Apply for the Early College Credit Program
  • Talk with your high school guidance counselor to see if it’s a good fit for you. They will consider how the class aligns with academic plans and whether you meet the pre-requisite for taking a college level class.
  • Request information from private, nonprofit colleges and universities where you’d like to take classes. You may refer to the overview of course offerings and follow up with the admissions contacts at the colleges and universities you are interested in for further details.
  • Obtain an ECCP participation form from your high school counselor or download it from the link below.
  • Submit your completed form by February 1 for summer, March 1 for fall semester, or October 1 for spring semester to your school officials.
  • Apply to the campus where you’d like to take classes (meet all deadlines and their campus specific requirements)
  • Submit high school transcripts along with any prerequisite documentation (AP scores)
  • Enroll in your class
Admissions Offices Will Consider the Following:
  • Rank in class
  • Grade point average
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Rigor of your high school courses
  • Letters of recommendation

Note: If you do not meet your school district’s deadlines for submission of the required ECCP form, you may still be able to take college courses through a private, nonprofit institution but the full costs of the credit will be carried by the student/family. You will still use the Private, Nonprofit Institution of Higher Education ECCP Participation Form as approval from a high school counselor/staff advisor is required whether or not you are participating in ECCP. Contact college/university admission offices directly for further deadlines and details about taking courses as a non-ECCP student.

Examples of ECCP Courses at Wisconsin’s Private, Nonprofit Colleges

Wisconsin’s Private, Nonprofit Institution of Higher Education ECCP Participation Form