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Bellin College enhances Radiation Therapy program with 3D technology

Bellin College is the first and only college in Wisconsin to offer radiation therapy with an enhanced type of technology: the VERT Simulator.

A mixture between virtual reality and 3D technology, this type of hands-on learning allows students to see how radiation is being distributed to cancer patients  through all layers of the body without the exposure to radiation rays, creating a safe environment for students.

“The goal of any program is for students to understand the why behind what they’re doing,” said Amy Riemer, registered radiation therapist and Bellin College Radiation Therapy Program Director. “Often times students can be focused on what they’re doing, and not why. By using this technology and getting them comfortable in the classroom, it helps them become better caregivers.”

By incorporating the VERT Simulator into radiation therapy classes, it not only expands students’ knowledge of concepts, but Riemer says it’s also a great way for
students to learn. “From my research, students typically prefer this type of hands-on learning,” Riemer says. “It’s engaging, they’re not just reading from a book.” 

Bellin College prides itself on preparing its students for a successful health care career while providing the best patient care. “When it comes to excellence, we are meeting the students where they’re at and giving them the tools they need to be successful,” Riemer says. 

The Bellin College Radiation Therapy Program is a three-year bachelor’s degree, which enables students to begin their careers sooner than traditional bachelor’s  degree programs. Students are directly admitted into the program when they are accepted into the college. Riemer says freshmen start taking radiation therapy courses right away along with their general education courses, which is unique to this type of program.