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Bellin College enhances student learning through Urban Immersion program

As part of the undergraduate nursing curriculum, Bellin College students participate in a weeklong clinical experience, Urban Immersion, working with vulnerable populations in the greater Green Bay area. This opportunity allows students to interact with all types of individuals they may encounter in their professional careers while exploring issues of social justice and understanding the importance of affordable and accessible healthcare.


“Urban Immersion is a great way for our students to explore their personal implicit biases, learn about different topics within public health, and become familiar with services provided to vulnerable populations so they can become better caregivers,” faculty member Kathie DeMuth said. 


Bellin College partners with a variety of agencies, including Exceptional Equestrians, Paul’s Pantry, Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC), YMCA, House of Hope, St. John’s Homeless Shelter, Community Services Agency Inc. (COMSA), and more. “Community” is a core value at Bellin College, and the Urban Immersion program allows students to give back while dedicating themselves to the broader college mission. 


“The Bellin College Urban Immersion program has been one of my favorite groups to work with. They are so engaged and really want to know about our customers and how our resources will help them in their nursing practice,” Barbara Michaels with ADRC of Brown County said. 


Students also find great value in the program, as it is a great way to give back to the community while building the skills needed to provide quality patient care.


“I feel such gratitude to be able to participate in this program,” a Bellin College 15-month BSN student said. “Finding ways to give back to our community is so important for our own development, and for the community as well.”