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Beloit College deepens commitment to career preparedness

Beloit College recently announced an updated Beloit Action Plan, designed to strengthen the connections between college and career and prepare students for immediate contributions to the world. 

“At this moment of economic uncertainty, bridging the gap between college and career has taken on a new sense of urgency,” said Beloit College President Scott Bierman. “While providing a rich and forward-thinking education with a focus on career preparedness has been integral to the college’s mission since our founding, this reimagined Action Plan deepens our commitment. As a result, students will feel more connected throughout the college experience, career search, and well after graduation.”

The new plan includes five key initiatives,
Career Accelerator: A program that launched in 2021, the Accelerator offers students two weeks of workshops, panels, and networking opportunities in between the fall and spring semesters. 

Beloiters Helping Beloiters (BHB): Seniors are matched with Beloit College graduates in their fields, who serve as mentors during a crucial year of personal
and professional development. Career Channels: In their first year, students can join a Career Channel — a professional community of peers, faculty, alumni, and outside experts. Each Channel transcends majors, helping students with varied interests to broaden their vision for their professional futures.

Career Works: Beloit’s career center takes a holistic approach to a college education. Coursework, internships, community-based learning, and careers are all part of the same experience, with each part amplifying the others.

The Power Grid: A group of alumni and friends of the college in professional industries that students are drawn to — green technology, entrepreneurship, digital media and marketing, law and social justice. Students access the Power Grid through Career Works, Career Accelerator, Career Channels, and Beloiters Helping

This new, reimagined Beloit Action Plan follows the college’s successful Action Plan launched in April 2020. The plan garnered national attention for its innovative approach to addressing societal and economic concerns facing students during the pandemic. It also earned Beloit College a number five ranking on U.S. News & World Report’s list of Most Innovative Liberal Arts Colleges.