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Carroll launches Sport Performance Institute

The Carroll University Sport Performance Institute (CUSPI) was launched this spring. The CUSPI is a partnership between the College of Health Sciences faculty  and students and the university’s athletic programs. The launch coincided with an online Coaching Clinic hosted by the institute on April 17.

“The CUSPI provides an opportunity to Carroll students to work directly as assistant human performance coaches with Division III team sport athletes to help provide a more holistic picture of an athlete’s performance throughout the training year,” said Tim Suchomel, institute director and internationally known speaker. Suchomel is also an assistant professor of Exercise Science and the program director for the Master of Science in Sport Physiology and Performance Coaching. The CUSPI has three primary goals: first, monitor athletes, second, educate sport scientists and coaches, and third, perform sport science research.

“The launch of the CUSPI is an important step in connecting Carroll faculty expertise and technology with the broader community,” said Tom Pahnke, dean of the College of Health Sciences. He said the institute provides an opportunity for individuals interested in improving athletic performance to benefit from high-tech applications previously reserved for elite or professional athletes.

“This is a unique endeavor that has students take what they learn in the classroom and apply it in a practical setting,” said Suchomel. “From a community standpoint, the CUSPI may supply testing and education services to athletes from local high schools, sport clubs, and private training facilities. These services will not only allow athletes to understand where they are from a performance standpoint, but it will also educate them on best practices to improve their training programs.

The Coaching Clinic, which drew more than 300 attendees from 41 states and 22 countries, will be held annually. The institute also plans to offer youth  development camps, an athlete recovery clinic, and sport coach seminars.