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Herzing-Kenosha Earns DOE’s “Hispanic-Serving Institution” Designation

Successful higher education institutions rely on the continued trust of their community to serve local needs.

For areas with a strong Hispanic population, like the community sur- rounding Herzing University’s Kenosha campus, having a federally designated “Hispanic-Serving Institution” nearby has transformative potential.

The Department of Education’s (DOE) Hispanic-Serving Institution designation expands educational opportunities for Hispanic populations to pursue degree and diploma programs and serve as part of a well-trained workforce. An important enrollment driver for low-income students and groups such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), this status can address challenges like retention rates, inclusive learning environments, aca- demic assistance, mentoring programs, and cultural support services.

“This is a significant milestone for Herzing-Kenosha and communities we serve across Wisconsin,” said Dr. Jeff Hill, Herzing’s regional president— Wisconsin Campuses. “To be recognized as a Hispanic-Serving Institution underscores our continuing dedication to empowering and educating students from all backgrounds.”

Herzing is looking to reinforce its commitment to inclusive education standards by applying for the DOE Title V Developing Hispanic Institutions Grant. This grant would create advanced funding options, making a Herzing education more affordable, while ensuring that future graduates can better represent and serve their communities.

“The grant would represent a new opportunity to develop the nurturing environment that we want every Herzing student to experience,” explained Erin Ginn, senior director of Admissions for Herzing’s Wisconsin-based campuses. “We want to have the capacity to better serve the needs of all Hispanic students by offering a clear pathway for them to make a lasting impact in Kenosha and beyond.”

As Herzing continues to provide exceptional education and support, the designation of a Hispanic-Serving Herzing University proudly offers high-quality skills training and flexible career paths for nursing and healthcare students of all back- grounds.

Institution provides Southeast Wisconsin with a local educator that embraces diversity, nurtures talent, and fosters empowerment for the next generation of healthcare, nursing, business, and technology-driven professionals.