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Lawrence Launches Unique Business and Entrepreneurship Major

Lawrence University has introduced a new business and entrepreneurship major, built through the lens of liberal arts, with a focus on preparing future innovators who will bring social, global, and environmental context to business leadership.

The program, beginning with the 2023- 2024 academic year, takes an interdisciplinary approach as it centers on global entrepreneurship and the broader impact of business on communities. Constructed within the existing Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) program, the major opens doors for students attending one of the nation’s leading liberal arts institutions, with focused study across the business spectrum.

“We have taken a liberal arts mindset to build this major, emphasizing the importance of multiple perspectives and big-picture thinking,” said Adam Galambos, associate professor of economics. “Students will have an opportunity to learn the foundational skills in accounting, marketing, financial management, and entrepreneurship, and connect these to the broader roles of business in society.”

The objective was to build a robust major that allows students to understand the role of business within society and develop depth within one of four focus areas—entrepreneurship and arts entrepreneurship, business analytics, natural resources, and energy management.

The academic path through the major will introduce students to foundational business skills through core courses.

This major distinguishes itself by emphasizing multiple perspectives, connections across disciplines, and the exploration of critical thinking, said Claudena Skran, chair of the I&E program.

“The major requires students to combine critical thinking and problem analysis, and also how to put this knowledge into practice through internships and practicums,” she said. “The major appeals to students who want to think about problems and the world, but who also want to take positive action in the world.”