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Ripon Infrastructure Plan Brings Energy, Enhanced Opportunities

The face of Ripon College is changing with the implementation of a $35 million strategic infrastructure plan. Included will be the renovation and expansion of Farr Hall of Science, a new on-campus stadium, and upgrades to residence halls.

The first phase will prioritize a $24.5 million investment in the science center and an $8.5 million investment in the campus stadium, both of which are projected to break ground this spring. Plans for upgrades to the residence halls are projected to be finalized within the next year.

Since February 2022, when the Ripon College Board of Trustees authorized the preliminary exploration of both projects, the college documented $15 million in cash and pledges specifically designated for the infrastructure enhancements, 80 percent of which is designated for renovation of Farr Hall. “The primary reason we have been able to move so efficiently on these projects is in large part thanks to the profound generosity of Ripon College alumni and friends,” said President Victoria N. Folse.

She inherited the initial and conceptual infrastructure plan from the previous administration but has led the campus through the critical planning phases since her tenure began July 1, 2022. “The energy from the internal and external campus community has been palpable, and my colleagues and I will rely on that energy to continue pursuing our fundraising goals for these critical initiatives,” said President Folse.

The strategic infrastructure plan will serve as one element of a formal strategic planning process that has just commenced at Ripon College under President Folse’s leadership. Innovative academic programming, growing the endowment, and student enrollment and retention all will play a crucial role in the new strategic plan that will be communicated and implemented in April 2023.