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Scott Flanagan installed as seventh president of Edgewood College

When President Emeritus Dr. Dan Carey passed the Presidential Medallion, Dr. Scott Flanagan officially became the seventh president of Edgewood College at the Inauguration Ceremony held Friday, October 24, 2014. Flanagan has been with the College for sixteen years. When he was introduced as the new President, Trustee Jim Barr said “Dr. Flanagan enjoys the full support of the entire Board of Trustees, and is ready to carry a great tradition forward. Our students and the families we serve, and will serve in the future, will benefit from his extraordinary vision and leadership.”

More than forty delegates from colleges and universities across Wisconsin and the Midwest marched in an academic procession to begin the ceremony, as hundreds of students, faculty, staff, community members and friends of the College looked on. WAICU President Dr. Rolf Wegenke was among the speakers at the ceremony. “Remember the word ‘college’ and the word ‘colleague’ have the same root,” Wegenke said. “I call on you to unite with your sister colleges and universities in the great cause of expanding educational opportunity to those who hunger and thirst for the wisdom, understanding, and rightly ordered lives.”

“We’re not going as far as I take us,” Flanagan said during his inaugural address. “We’re going as far as we take us, and we’re going a long way. It can be easy to be scared about the changes in the world around us. But actually I’m excited. Because I think Edgewood College can help meet the needs of the world around us. Our world needs engaged, informed citizens. It needs scholars determined to ask and explore answers to the complex questions we face. It needs servant leaders who will contribute to their communities in a variety of different ways. And it needs creative thinkers, artists and entrepreneurs who inspire us to look at the world differently. In short, our world needs – more than it ever has – those  who’ve benefitted from an Edgewood College education.”