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WAICU 2022 in 2022 advocacy campaign

WAICU’s mission is “working together for educational opportunity.” We are now taking the “together” part to the next level. WAICU is providing a new tool known as Congress Plus to empower university executives, trustees, students, alumni/ae, and friends to emphatically underscore support for critical student aid programs such as Wisconsin Grants and the Federal Pell Grant program. These are the main student aid programs for low-income students at the state and Federal level. Congress Plus allows individuals to send messages to elected officials at critical points in the legislative process.


WAICU is working to significantly increase our advocacy base to encourage powerful calls-to-action to our elected officials during key points in the legislative process, such as just prior to votes in committee or by a house of the state Legislature or Congress.


WAICU’s goal is to increase the number of individuals signed up for our calls-to-action to 2,022 by the end of 2022. Again, any supporter can sign up to engage in this advocacy work including presidents, students, faculty and staff, trustees, alumni/ae, and anyone else who supports educational opportunity.


Wisconsin Grants go to students attending UW, WTCS, or WAICU. As of this writing, 126 individuals have signed up to participate in the campaign. We have a lot of work to do to get to 2022 individuals and are confident those that support student opportunity will sign up to help us meet our goal! 


WAICU will not share your information for any other purpose. Student aid is not a partisan issue; it is the key to a brighter future for Wisconsin.


WAICU will be sharing milestones and progress reports throughout 2022 and is asking everyone to engage!  As changes made in the FAFSA Simplification Act will soon be implemented and affecting Federal and State student aid formulas, our vocal support for low-income and underrepresented students will be more important than ever!


Take action today by signing up for our advocacy list at, or email or visit our website to share your support for students and student opportunity.