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WAICU Helps Students Find Their Fit Through Outreach Activities

By WAICU President Eric W. Fulcomer 

At the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU), we play a crucial role in assisting high school students in discovering their ideal fit within Wisconsin’s 22 private, nonprofit colleges and universities. With a multifaceted approach, WAICU engages in a variety of activities to provide comprehensive support to students, families, and school counselors throughout the state. 

One of WAICU’s premier enrollment-related initiatives is the distribution of the annual Guide to Admissions and Financial Aid. This publication is disseminated to middle and high school counselors, librarians, military contacts, and other entities. It offers valuable insights into the 22-member campuses, including information about majors, minors, and essential admissions details. This initiative aims to equip students and educators with vital information as they make their college selection.  

Relatedly, the website is another valuable resource, offering in-depth information about majors, application deadlines, scholarships, and transfer policies across all 22 campuses. 

WAICU also aids high school students in navigating the transition to college by sharing dual enrollment opportunities. Dual enrollment empowers students to reduce tuition costs and earn college credits while still in high school, providing a significant financial and academic advantage. 

A targeted enrollment effort by WAICU is the organization of Wisconsin Private College Week, where we collaborate with member campuses to provide special visit opportunities. Using diverse social media platforms such as TikTok, streaming platforms, and YouTube, WAICU reaches out to potential high school students, boosting engagement and visit signups. This year, WAICU significantly enhanced our investment in digital advertising for Private College Week, driving students and families to resources that help them learn more about our member institutions. 

WAICU extends its support to various constituenciesincluding veterans, foster youth, and students with disabilities. We provide information about an important veterans’ grant available at private colleges for military personnel and their families. Additionally, WAICU works to streamline access for foster youth interested in higher education, collaborating with partners to ensure their smooth transition. 

One tangible way that WAICU interacts with school personnel is through hosting workshops for middle and high school counselors. These workshops, conducted in collaboration with member campuses’ admissions offices, offer comprehensive overviews of academics, sports, admissions, and financial aid. Furthermore, WAICU’s presence at high school career and college nights strengthens our outreach efforts by providing information about student life, admissions, and areas of study. 

WAICU’s enrollment-related services are an integral part of our work. By interfacing with various stakeholders such as educational partners, businesses, and policy makers, WAICU ensures a holistic approach to fostering educational growth, accessibility, and success for Wisconsin’s high school students.