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Wisconsin Lutheran College launches Christian Leadership Certificate Program

Wisconsin Lutheran College’s new Christian Leadership Certificate Program embodies WLC’s mission of preparing students for lives of Christian leadership. The certificate is designed to recognize what students are already doing as leaders and guide their next steps in skill development. Colleges have long recognized academic achievements with honors and athletic accomplishments with awards; this certificate recognizes leadership excellence. The program provides a valuable opportunity for students to develop and strengthen their leadership skills. 
“The purpose of our Christian Leadership Certificate Program is to thoroughly equip students with a framework for Christ-centered servant leadership, and to provide them with tangible recognition of their leadership experience to use once they’re in the work world,” said Dr. Rhoda Wolle, Dean of Student Success and director of the certificate program. “The launch of the program is the result of six years of planning and preparing, and we’re excited to have an excellent group of 15 students enrolled in the pioneering class.”
WLC students who exhibit integrity and have a passion for leadership are encouraged to enroll in the certificate program during their sophomore year. They will spend more than 200 hours participating in workshops, volunteering, developing an electronic portfolio demonstrating their growth, working with a leadership coach on campus and a leadership mentor off-campus, attending academic classes focused on leadership, and taking responsibility for planning and leading service initiatives both on and off campus.
“Our certificate program is a profound differentiator for our institution,” said President Daniel W. Johnson, a strong champion of the initiative. “Every WLC student – regardless of major – has the opportunity to fully develop his or her leadership skills and positively influence others for Christ’s sake. That’s why we’re so passionate about this program.” More information on the program is available on the WLC website at: