Private College Week

2023 Private College Week!

Save the Date:  Private College Week, July 10 - 15, 2023, is your invitation to interactive events and programs at each of our campuses. With 21 undergraduate colleges and universities to choose from, the opportunities are plentiful. Take a tour of campus, connect with admission and financial aid advisors, get to know professors, learn about the residence halls, find out about dining options, and chat with current students. With special events all week, Private College Week is a great time to explore campuses through virtual or in-person visits.

Our generous financial aid makes it easier than ever to choose a Wisconsin private, nonprofit college or university. Learn more about our financial aid difference.

Why Choose a Wisconsin Private, Nonprofit College or University?

  • Our class sizes are smaller, at an average of 16 students.
  • You get one-to-one attention, knowledge, and mentorship from faculty, not teaching assistants.
  • You have a better chance of graduating in four years than at other Wisconsin colleges.