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WAICU Benefits Consortium (WBC)

The WAICU Benefits Consortium (*WBC) was established by WAICU members in 2003. The WBC helps WAICU institutions offer enhanced benefits at lower costs than they could achieve on their own. The plan responds to members’ needs with patient advocacy and case-management initiatives and gives participating colleges and universities direct control of this burgeoning cost driver and essential humanitarian benefit.

Institutions may offer up to four of the five à la carte plans:

  • Gold Plan
  • Silver Plan
  • Bronze Plan
  • High Deductible Plan
  • HSA-Qualified Plan

Benefits of WBC for WAICU Member Institutions:

  • Professional services under one roof: actuarial advice, investment advice, audit filing, and benefit design support to reduce your administrative burden, with no brokerage fees.
  • The WBC gives individual institutions the purchasing power to help control administrative and reinsurance costs.
  • Each WBC member institution is responsible for its own claims and administrative expenses, but claims are rated in aggregate.
  • The WBC is in an excellent financial position, is fully reserved, and operates in a strong surplus position.
  • The WBC offers rate stability over many years to flatten financial peaks and valleys.
  • Continuous improvement of benefits and services is a hallmark of the WBC.

WBC Contact
Shane Kellar
Executive Director of WBC
(608) 204-5228

To contact WAICU about the program, email