WAICU-WTCS Course Credit Transfer Agreement Notes and Exceptions

In some cases, exceptions to direct transfer credit or course substitutions may exist at a participating WAICU-member college or university due to individual college and university requirements.

Either WTCS course Written Communication 801-195 *OR* English Composition I 801-136 will be accepted by WAICU-member participants. Given their curriculum, Carthage College accepts all courses in the agreement with the exception of Written Communication or English Composition I. WTCS students are responsible for confirming this information with the appropriate WAICU-member transfer liaison.

Carroll University, Cardinal Stritch University, Herzing University, and Wisconsin Lutheran College will accept transfer credit from WTCS courses Microeconomics 809-143 or Macroeconomics 809-144 in place of WTCS Economics 809-195.

Carroll University will accept transfer credit for WTCS course Medical Terminology 501-101 in place of WTCS General Biology 806-114

Carroll University: For WTCS course General Chemistry 806-134 to transfer into the Carroll University Nursing program, grades of B- or higher are required.

Herzing University (HU):  WTCS courses General Chemistry, General Biology, or General Physics I may substitute for HU Environmental Science SC 270 (Environmental Literacy) which is a Natural Science requirement for all of their BS programs, with the exception of Nursing. Herzing University offers two separate courses as equivalents to WTCS Intro to Ethics 809-166:  HU 140 Cultural Diversity or HU 240 Introduction to Humanities. WTCS Developmental Psychology will be accepted as course transfer in the HU Nursing program and can substitute for HU Introduction to Psychology in all other programs.

Marquette University: WTCS Developmental Psychology credits will be accepted as course transfer in a Nursing program and will transfer as an elective for all other students.

Milwaukee School of Engineering:  Given the institution's specialized general education curriculum, MSOE accepts all courses in the agreement with the exception of WTCS Intro to Ethics 809-166.

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