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Beloit College Launches Two New Schools

Beloit College launched two schools in January 2024—the School of Health Sciences and the School of Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship— to bring career preparation and path- ways to the center of Beloit students’ experience.

“With these two schools, we are aligning our academic programs, nationally recognized teaching, and vibrant residential community with the way the world operates,” said Eric Boynton, Beloit College’s new president.

The schools will combine specialized knowledge and technical skills with broad-based knowledge and problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills—the hallmarks of a liberal arts education—and will leverage Beloit’s 17,000 alumni and partners to help students make internship and job connections.

The School of Health Sciences will prepare students for healthcare careers by combining rigorous STEM training with comprehensive humanities and social sciences education, offering critical social, moral, and cultural context, along with the skills needed to succeed in health professions.

The School of Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship will help students discover their passion and translate it into a business or fulfilling career that finds unique solutions to problems and makes their community a better place.

The school will feature new majors in business management and organizational leadership, in addition to quantitative economics, and minors in finance, marketing, market research, and entrepreneurship. Professional certificates in marketing, marketing analytics, and project management will also be offered.

“Students today want clear value for their education and want to know where their time and effort can take them,” Boynton said. “These schools will allow students to quickly choose their path while preparing for jobs, professions, and ultimately rewarding careers.”

Additional schools are being planned for launch later next year, including the School of Media Production and Art, and the School of Environment, Climate, and Sustainability.