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Scholarship Information

Private, corporate and individual donors contribute to scholarship funds for students who attend WAICU colleges and universities. WAICU administers and coordinates the distribution of these scholarships according to the eligibility criteria that is established by each funder. WAICU members define their own student selection process in conformance with the eligibility requirements. The kinds of scholarships available and their award amounts are reviewed annually with funders. For more information, contact the financial aid office at WAICU-member campuses.

You can Afford the Best

For the last decade, the average out-of-pocket tuition (tuition minus financial aid) at Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities has been under $6,000. With smaller classes, more personal attention from faculty, and a better chance of graduating in four years, why not consider a Wisconsin private, nonprofit college?

Think "net", not "Sticker" Price

There can be a big difference between the published price of college tuition and what you ultimately pay. A Wisconsin private, nonprofit college financial aid package is designed specifically for your needs and can dramatically lower your costs. Subtract your financial aid award (grants and loans) from the tuition “sticker price” to find your actual “net” tuition. The average Wisconsin private, nonprofit college freshman financial aid package is made up of 77% grants and scholarships—money you won’t have to repay—instead of loans.

College Goal Wisconsin

The best way to ensure you receive aid is to ask. Financial aid professionals on campus are experts and are committed to helping you succeed. In addition, College Goal Wisconsin is offering virtual and in-person workshops to help you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. For a list of dates and to register, visit