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Expanded Resources for Title IX and other compliance Areas

The WAICU Title IX Training & Resources program provides for group training on Title IX as well as staffing resources for Title IX claims.

The renewal with Grand River Solutions (GRS) includes staffing assistance options for:

  • Hearing officer/decision maker
  • Appeal officer
  • Investigations – student & TIX fact-gathering
  • Investigations – employee, analysis, & other civil rights
  • Informal resolutions
  • Hearing advisors
  • Title IX/equity support/consulting (Title IX, Title VII, ADA, 504, DEI)

Aside from the group trainings through WAICU, GRS offers WAICU members a 20 percent discount on registrations for their open online trainings.

Additionally, GRS offers Campus Climate Surveys at a discounted rate for WAICU members.

WAICU’s new partner in the Title IX program is Ballast. Ballast is a team of professionals with real-world experience at colleges and universities providing Title IX training, investigations, adjudications, interim role-filling and related services to WAICU members. Ballast partners with educational institutions by providing Title IX solutions in a collaborative, customizable, and practical manner. Ballast recognizes that each school is unique, and tailors its services to fit specific campus needs while honoring institutional knowledge and values.

The Title IX staffing resources Ballast provides include:

  • Investigations
  • Informal resolution
  • Adjudication
  • Interim roles
  • Coaching & support

The WAICU member shared resource pool continues to be of great benefit. This program was suggested by the Title IX colleagues at various WAICU-member institutions. WAICU members volunteer to serve as advisor, hearing panelist, or mediator for other WAICU members. The expectation is that any WAICU institution who utilizes this service will also provide a Title IX professional volunteer for the list. The list of volunteers, their bios, and sample agreements can be found in the Title IX group’s WAICU Connect community. It is expected that the institution will cover the volunteer(s) on its liability policy.

WAICU continues to offer group training in Title IX through various sources and is working with the Title IX Planning Committee on training for the newly released Title IX regulations.

For more information about this program, email Shawn Robin, WAICU operations and member services assistant.