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Lakeland College partners with three resorts to address labor shortage

Lakeland College has partnered with three of the state’s top resort properties—Blue Harbor Resort & Spa, The Osthoff Resort, and Destination Kohler—to create a new talent pool for the resorts and help Lakeland hospitality management students learn while they earn money for college.
Lakeland College’s well-regarded hospitality management program provides a robust pipeline of talent. The resort partners determine workforce needs and create positions accordingly. The resorts will make a number of entry-level positions and internships available to Lakeland hospitality management students. In keeping with the real-world challenges of the modern economy, the jobs are not guaranteed, and students will have to compete for any posted positions. The resorts welcome the opportunity to address their challenges of attracting and retaining qualified and dependable employees, especially during holidays and the summer. 
“If you ask area executives across all industry sectors what their biggest challenge for the future is, they are likely to respond that the availability of a viable workforce is that challenge,” said David Sanderson, vice president and general manager of Blue Harbor Resort & Spa.
“With this partnership, we have an opportunity to overcome that challenge, while providing a real-world practical laboratory for students to augment their academic preparation. I believe this gives Lakeland College’s hospitality program a real competitive edge in attracting students who are interested in a career within our industry.”
The partnership provides Lakeland students with a way to earn up to $8,000 a year to put toward the cost of college.
“This partnership could significantly reduce a hard-working student’s debt load, and, in some cases, even completely eliminate student loan debt—a remarkable achievement that will set those students on a road to financial well-being immediately after graduation,” said Lakeland President Dan Eck.