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Latest data on access and affordability

Net tuition/out-of-pocket costs
The average price for undergraduate tuition and fees at WAICU-member colleges or universities during 2021-2022 was $36,094. The average freshman financial aid package was $31,733 leaving net tuition costs of just $4,362. For 2021-2022, average UW tuition was $8,550. (Additional costs for room and board are comparable in the public and private nonprofit sectors.)
Over the last four years, the average net tuition at Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities has been under $4,500. The net tuition (list price minus aid) in 2021-2022 at these Wisconsin colleges is 19 percent lower than it was in 2011-2012.
Quick Facts
  • In 2021-2022, 98 percent of entering full-time undergraduate students at WAICU institutions received financial aid.
  • 29 percent of students at WAICU institutions are low income.
  • The average financial aid package at Wisconsin’s private colleges is 79 percent grant aid and 21 percent loans.
WAICU colleges and universities continue their commitment to making students’ education affordable
  • For every $1 in state grants, our students receive $23 in institutional aid.
  • The average annual institutional grant is more than $24,000.