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MSOE is Shaping the Future of Innovation with A.I.

Julia Neuberger is a junior biomedical engineering major from Lake Mills, Wisconsin, and one of the first Milwaukee School of Engineering students pursuing the new A.I. for Emerging Applications Undergraduate Certificate. She has been putting her knowledge to work with a GE HealthCare MICT Digital and Clinical Apps project, training A.I. technology to automate the reformatting of CT extremity images.

“Many times, when patients come in to get a CT scan, they are unable to get in the proper position to get the best view of certain body parts,” said Neuberger. “The images that are collected then need to be manually manipulated by the CT technician or doctor. My project uses algorithms and A.I. to automate the process to save time.”

The goal of the A.I. for Emerging Applications Undergraduate Certificate is to have students learn the skills needed in their internships earlier on in their academic careers in an emerging industry.

“Until five years ago, these were PhD-only topics,” said Dr. Derek Riley, professor and computer science program director. “Our undergraduates have a unique opportunity to pursue a certificate in A.I. and gain hands-on experience with Rosie, MSOE’s extremely powerful supercomputer, as part of their undergraduate education.”

MSOE is a leader in A.I. education, thanks to faculty and the generous support and vision of Dr. Dwight Diercks  who has provided generous funding for A.I. to touch all fields of study. Dr. Diercks (’90) is an MSOE Regent and senior vice president of software engineering at NVIDIA.

In 2017, MSOE established a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science focused on A.I. In the past two years, MSOE also launched a Master of Science in Machine Learning, Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning, Graduate Certificate in Machine Learning Engineering, and Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Strategy Using A.I. and Analytics.