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Natural Gas Purchasing Program to Begin this Summer

Have you ever considered whether there’s a more empowering and cost-effective way to purchase natural gas for your campus facilities?  WAICU’s newest cost-saving program introduces a company ready to educate and guide you through the entire process.

WAICU has partnered with Blue Edge Energy (BEE) to launch the WAICU Energy Consulting program. This program is designed to help member institutions simplify and manage energy expenses and implement a best practice strategy for natural gas purchasing, aimed at achieving significant cost savings.

To learn more about this program and how it can benefit your institution, WAICU and Blue Edge Energy invite you to join one of two introductory webinars. Select a date below to register.

What is Blue Edge Energy’s proven gas procurement consulting process?

Educate: The process begins with comprehensive education sessions from BEE, tailored to inform members about their natural gas purchasing options. Sharing knowledge and expertise is crucial as the initial step in this journey.

Compete & Negotiate: The BEE team customizes a natural gas purchasing strategy to align with the institution’s specific budget goals and overall requirements. BEE facilitates connections with multiple gas suppliers through a structured Request for Proposal (RFP) process, negotiating favorable contract terms and conditions on behalf of members.

Monitor & Manage: BEE acts as a supportive co-pilot, continuously monitoring costs and usage. They provide valuable market insights to optimize gas procurement strategies, offering regular updates and guidance on when to consider hedging gas purchases.

Email WAICU Chief Operating Officer Jennifer deHart to receive webinar information.

If you’d like to explore your natural gas procurement options further, email Josh Kaurich at Blue Edge Energy or call him at 608-333-6080.