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St. Norbert College’s New Center Takes Holistic Approach to Student Advising

St. Norbert College (SNC) launched an initiative this year to better guide students during their academic and professional journeys. Two departments, formerly housed in separate areas on campus, have united to form the Academic Advising & Career Development Center (AACD), where professional academic advisors and career counselors assist students throughout their four-year experience as they earn a degree and discover a meaningful vocation.

The college’s mission to develop the whole person is a central tenet of the new center, says AACD Executive Director Meghan Walsh. “Helping students, from day one, to think about who they are and who they want to be is our goal,” she says. “College is about transformation—transforming from child to adult, from high school student to academic, from student to professional. All these transitions are life changing. It just makes sense that we have the people dedicated to supporting students through these transitions in one space, aligned in purpose and process.”

The integrated approach offers students a more comprehensive look at opportunities available to them throughout their time at SNC and beyond, says Joe Webb, vice president for student affairs and chief diversity and inclusion officer.

“Combining an office that helps students develop academically with one that helps them think holistically about their college experience and how it prepares them to be professionals strategically aligns the whole college experience,” Webb adds.

Career counselors also work with students during their academic journey with an eye on professional options and postgraduate work, along with job-search prep including on-campus employment. High-impact experiences like study abroad, internships, service learning, and undergraduate research are also encouraged.