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Students to benefit as Viterbo University receives two major grants

Viterbo University was recently named the recipient of two major grants, one of which is the largest award in school history.
A $2 million Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education will support initiatives designed to improve student success. The Strengthening Institutions Program grant is the largest in Viterbo University history and will be used to provide the latest technology in student data and advising, retention and student support training for faculty and administrators, and the implementation of proactive career and at-risk academic advising models.
In recent years, Viterbo has implemented a number of initiatives to enhance student success. The grant funds, provided over five years, will enable the Viterbo Center for Student Success to integrate efforts and respond to individual student needs more effectively. Forty-four percent of undergraduate students at Viterbo University are first-generation college students, and 40 percent receive federal Pell Grants for tuition assistance. 
Viterbo will also continue to increase the number of paid internship opportunities offered to students thanks to a $441,758 Career Ready Internship Grant from the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation.
Viterbo had received a Career Ready Internship Grant the past two years. Based on the great success of the program, Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation has expanded the grant to cover an additional three years.
“This allows students who need to work, but cannot afford an unpaid internship, the same great educational opportunity as their peers,” said Beth Dolder-Zieke, director of career services at Viterbo. “Internships are a crucial part of a college education. Participants gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, which is appreciated by employers.”
Businesses, especially small businesses, nonprofits and others that may not be able to afford to offer a paid internship, also benefit greatly from the talents and efforts of interns.