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WAICU welcomes Nashotah House into full membership

Nashotah House Theological Seminary has become a full member of WAICU. Previously, Nashotah held an Associate Membership in WAICU, a category created in 2008 specifically for nonprofit theological seminaries that could benefit from WAICU’s cost-saving collaborations.

Nashotah House, also known as “the Mission,” has been part of the fabric of Wisconsin since being established in 1842, before Wisconsin became a state. It was officially chartered in 1847. From the start, Nashotah House was ecumenical, graduating its first student in 1845, the Reverend Gustaf Unonius of the Church of Sweden (BA – Uppsala), an instrumental figure in the early movements of Swedish immigration to the upper Midwest. Since then the House has graduated many students from a variety of churches in the Anglican Communion including the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in North America.

Students at Nashotah House are able to choose from a variety of degree and certificate programs received both on campus and through hybrid distance education. The House’s strong Anglo-Catholic heritage continues to provide the context for its formational community of faith and learning.

Fr. Steven A. Peay, Ph.D., Dean and President of Nashotah House, states, “it is very clear that WAICU is an organization to which Nashotah House should belong…it is appropriate that we should be part of an organization dedicated to providing educational opportunity.”