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5G Site Marketing & Management

WAICU has selected Vertical Bridge to assist WAICU member institutions in leasing campus rooftops and other structures to telecom carriers for placement of 5G antennae. Vertical Bridge is the largest private wireless infrastructure company in the U.S. and has master agreements with all the major telecom carriers. The company maintains a database of marketable rooftops and has a sales team dedicated to leasing third-party owned assets like yours. As carriers build out their 5G networks, properties that are part of this program are much more likely to be chosen for antennae locations.

This is a revenue-generating opportunity with a great deal of third-party expertise and support built in – reducing your administrative burden. Vertical Bridge markets the locations you identify. Campus leaders retain decision-making control throughout the process, from selecting which rooftops are in the database to final approval rights on antennae placement and aesthetic elements. Once all parties agree on an antenna location, Vertical Bridge is responsible for all aspects of project management and lease administration on the owner’s behalf.

Vertical Bridge contact:
Jim McCulloch

To contact WAICU about the program, email