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Credit Transfer Software

WAICU Colleges have strategically partnered with CollegeSource to join the Transferology network, harnessing its array of features to enhance the transfer experience for both students and staff. Through Transferology, students gain access to a user-friendly interface where they can input their courses, exams, and military occupations to view how those credits transfer to WAICU member Colleges instantly. Students can also explore pre-established pathways that streamline their academic journey toward degree completion and request information and advising support.

For staff, Transferology offers tools for efficient course articulation, evaluating transfer credits through TES, and ensuring accuracy in the transfer process. By leveraging these features, WAICU Colleges not only prioritize student success but also benefit from being members through access to Transferology’s robust national network, which fosters collaboration and data-driven decision-making among member institutions.

To contact WAICU about the program, email

Support is available directly on the and websites.

Additionally, we offer free monthly training webinars for institution staff: