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Hotel Revenue

Each academic year, highly motivated students, parents, friends and families, prospective students, athletic fans, alumni, registrants and guests are travelling to your campus for institutionally-sponsored events – orientation, sporting events, graduation, conferences, homecoming, and more. When your campus hosts an event that brings visitors from out of town, your campus should be getting the hotel data, reporting and commission!

Campus Travel Management builds and maintains state-of-the-art visitor portals for school websites that makes travel to campus easy for out of town visitors and reduces the site manager’s workload. CTM works with local hotels that visitors are already frequenting and provides data about campus visitors along with commissions on their lodging.


  • There is no cost to participate in the program.
  • Participating schools receive a percentage of the commissions generated!
  • Colleague Reciprocity allows use of any discount at any hotel at any other campus, without limit.

Campus Travel Management contact:
Larry Handel, President