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Investment Consulting Services

WAICU’s Investment Consulting Services through Baird Private Asset Management includes investment services, banking and custodial services, and other value-added services such as board education.

Baird Private Asset Management is a nationally recognized, award-winning investment adviser1 that brings over 25 years of extensive asset management research and financial expertise to colleges and universities as well as institutional business partnerships. Baird Private Asset Management was selected to be the preferred provider of investment consulting services for WAICU members through an RFP process conducted by WAICU and a committee of Business Officers from WAICU member schools. They have also served as the investment consultant for WAICU specific endowment portfolios as well as the WAICU Benefits Consortium funds.

The value and service Baird Private Asset Management provides includes (but is not limited to):

  • Maximizing cash flows for Operating Reserves
  • Developing optimal asset allocations to meet spending policies while growing the endowment funds
  • Serving as a fiduciary hiring the best-in-class managers and partners
  • Negotiating and reducing costs to maximize returns
  • Conducting scenario analyses to help determine cash flow/liquidity needs
  • Customizing reporting to help streamline your work

As a part of Baird, an employee-owned, privately-held global financial services firm, Private Asset Management brings the independence of an unbiased fiduciary with the strength and expertise of a global investment firm.

Below are the list of awards and recognitions the team has received:
Barron’s  magazine
“Top Institutional Advisors,” 2015 (inaugural list), 2016-23
“Top 100 Financial Advisors,” 2007-11, 2015-23
“Top 1000 Financial Advisors, State-by-State,” 2009-24
“Hall of Fame” 2019 (inaugural list), 2020-23
Financial Times
“FT 400 Top Financial Advisors,” 2013-15, 2017-20*
Forbes magazine
“America’s Top Wealth Advisors,” 2016 (inaugural list), 2017-23
“America’s Top Wealth Advisors, State-by-State” 2024 (inaugural list)
National Association of Board-Certified Advisory Practices
“National Premier Advisors List,” 2011-14*
Research magazine
“Top-Ranked Advisor Team in America,” 2005-09*
Reuter’s AdvicePoint
“Top Ranked Advisers,” 2008*
Registered Rep. magazine
“Top 100 Financial Advisors,” 2007-08*
FORTUNE magazine
“Top 100 Financial Advisors,” 2008*
*This ranking ceased publication.

Baird Contact
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To contact WAICU about the program, email