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Life & Disability Insurance

WAICU has sponsored a members-only Group Life and Disability Insurance Program since 1993.  The premium rates are based on the Program’s claims experience, which has been very favorable.  As a result, there have been five rate decreases over the past 31 years, with no rate increases.

Members can tailor any or all of the group life, voluntary life, short term disability and long term disability insurance benefits to meet the needs of each WAICU member and their employees.  Because of the Program’s collective purchasing power, there are benefits automatically included that are not likely to be available outside of the WAICU Program.  Examples include:

  • Maximum monthly group long term disability protection up to $18,233/month
  • Group life waiver of premium if an employee is disabled prior to age 67, rather than the usual maximum eligibility of age 60
  • Guaranteed issue voluntary life benefits of $150,000 per employee, and $30,000 per spouse, with no minimum participation requirements

Standard Insurance Company also includes excellent ancillary benefits, including an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for the benefit-eligible employees of WAICU members who provide group long term disability insurance, as part of their high quality coverage for all participating WAICU members.

The Zimdars Company, Inc contact
John C. Zimdars, Jr., CLU, ChFC
(608) 231-2700

Lynne Keppler

To contact WAICU about the program, email

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