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WAICU Alumni Employment Data

WAICU-member institutions confer degrees upon 13,400 graduates annually, making up 24 percent of bachelor’s degrees and 34 percent of advanced degrees statewide with no direct operating support from taxpayers. 

Within a year of earning their degrees, around 90 percent of WAICU baccalaureate graduates are already making waves in the workforce or continuing their academic journeys in graduate schools. And here’s a fascinating tidbit: a solid 63 percent of those employed are contributing their talents right here in Wisconsin. 

Explore our interactive dashboard below featuring  more than 38,700 WAICU-member alumni employed at Wisconsin’s top 300-plus companies, showcasing our diverse contributions across industries. Data was gathered from a comprehensive LinkedIn research initiative conducted in early 2024. 

Last revision: 6/3/2024

Notes on methodology:

  • Data used in the dashboard above was the result of a comprehensive LinkedIn research project that WAICU conducted in early 2024. It’s important to note that this data provides a snapshot in time and may not reflect real-time changes.
  • WAICU made attempts to consolidate data from multiple LinkedIn pages for some companies whenever we were able to identify multiple LinkedIn pages being associated with a company, or any evidence of business rename, merger, and acquisition. For example, Thrivent has at least five LinkedIn corporate accounts of their branches; Cuna was renamed to TruStage and both pages are still existing.
  • In instances where a WAICU member institution had more than one associated LinkedIn page, such as Marquette University with its three pages (Marquette University, Marquette University Law School, and Marquette University School of Dentistry), WAICU collected and aggregated data from all pages to ensure comprehensive representation.
  • WAICU’s total figures are anticipated to be equal to or marginally lower than the sum of all 22 member institutions. Our approach aimed to avoid duplicates and accommodate scenarios where alumni may have enrollment records at multiple institutions. In such instances, individuals were included in the data for each institution they attended, yet they were counted only once in the cumulative WAICU figures.
  • WAICU used the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)’s two-digit and six-digit codes to classify companies’ industries in this dashboard. Any two-digit NAICS industries with less than 1,000 WAICU alumni in total were put into the Other category in the pie chart, including Mining/Quarrying/Oil&Gas Extraction; Utilities; Construction; Transportation/Warehousing; Management of Companies and Enterprises; Administrative/Support/Waste Management/Remediation Services; Arts/Entertainment/Recreation; Accommodation/Food Services; Public Administration; and Other Services (except Public Admin.). To view what is included within each category, including the Other one, please right click on the category itself within the pie chart and hit Drill Through.