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5G Site Marketing & Management: Revenue Opportunity for WAICU Members

Mobile carriers continue to feel pressure to deploy 5G, and federal infrastructure funds are helping fuel the nation-wide push to expand 5G networks. T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and now DISH are currently leading the way for broadband/mobile, but other industries like data aggregators and public safety are also seeking locations.

What does all this mean for WAICU members? Revenue.

Campus rooftops and other structures present prime 5G antennae locations for telecom carriers to lease. WAICU partner Vertical Bridge assists WAICU member institutions with marketing rooftops and towers, project management, and supporting the entire leasing process.

As carriers build out their 5G networks, properties that are part of this program are much more likely to be chosen for antennae. Five WAICU members are working with Vertical Bridge, and one has already received interest from a carrier.

To get started:

  • Contact to receive a proprietary industry update prepared for WAICU by Vertical Bridge – also available to Facilities Managers in WAICU Connect.
  • Contact WAICU Chief Operating Officer Jennifer deHart to schedule an owner’s meeting with Vertical Bridge.
  • Check out the WAICU 5G Site Marketing and Management landing page.