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Check Out Our WAICU-Member Alumni’s Workforce Impact Dashboard

We’re introducing our latest dashboard, the WAICU-Member Alumni’s Workforce Impact dashboard, designed to spotlight the professional contributions of 38,742 WAICU-member alumni within Wisconsin’s top 300 employers. This tool is the culmination of our recent research initiative, which gathered LinkedIn data to shed light on the valuable role of Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges and our alumni in driving Wisconsin’s economic workforce dynamics.

Comprising four distinct pages—Overview, Company Report, College Report, and Full Data—this interactive dashboard offers a comprehensive view of WAICU-member alumni placements and impact. We invite you to take a moment to navigate through the dashboard, especially its College Report page, to explore where Wisconsin’s Private Colleges alumni are making their mark at the largest employers in Wisconsin.

Feel free to share the dashboard on your social media platforms and join us in celebrating the work of our amazing alumni!

For more information or questions, please email WAICU Researcher Linh Anh Le.