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Bellin College Expands its Footprint Via Exciting Campus Expansion

As a nationwide trend of declining enrollment plagues many colleges and universities, Bellin College is experiencing exciting growth and expansion.

In fall 2021, Bellin College purchased an existing property in Green Bay. This secondary location alleviates some of the space issues at the main Green Bay campus and allows for new programming. The new location, named the Michael Van Asten Campus, officially opened in fall of 2022. It is home to the new Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, graduate nursing, diagnostic medical sonography programs, and science labs.

The DPT program is an eight-semester post-baccalaureate program. The condensed program allows students to enter programs, without sacrificing clinical experience. The physical therapy space features multiple classrooms, including a physical therapy skills lab and a movement lab, which helps students develop psychomotor skills.

“My favorite part of the DPT program is the curriculum itself,” said Todd Beadle, current DPT student. “The classes we took during first semester are things I wanted to learn and apply to my future career. The faculty make a huge difference for the class because they want us to succeed and be the best physical therapist we can be. Also, I love my cohort and how we all come together to achieve the same goal.”

In addition to the entry-level DPT program, Bellin College also offers an Orthopedic and Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship, and a Doctor of Students learn about shoulder palpation techniques at the new Michael Van Asten Campus in Green Bay.